Privacy Policy

What kind of details do we gather?

The information we gather is basic in nature. Taking in to account the privacy of our customers, we do not ask for data that is confidential by any means. Also, the process of obtaining the information is simple; via a simple query form. The query form asks for the clients name, email address, and phone number for the sake of contact purpose. The UK Designs ensures not giving out this information to any third party without the consent of the client.

How is the information protected?

The UK Designs ensures the security of the clients private and credit information during all times. The information remains stored in our server which is only to be viewed by the concerned staff. This means that your information is in safe hands.

Why do we ask for your information?

We obtain your personal information for the sake of ensuring effective communication whereas; your credit details are used to handle payments. These details are also required to better respond to the clients complexity and to obtain their feedback for the sake of improved performance. Also, these details are used by us to update our clients regarding our latest deals and offerings.

Do we use this information for trading purpose?

Our site ensures the safety of the information our clients provide to us. We are not in the process of selling our clients information to any third party without their consent